Currently I have this setup with Views but I would like to take views out of the picture to optimize the site and fix a couple of problems that occure as a result of using Views.

What I am trying to achieve is if my nodes have content in a Body of Text called excerpt that it will show a button that links to the node's url and append the text "/excerpt" at the end of the node's url which will then display a different page with the content of excerpt on it.

I'm using Drupal 7 and am modifying a Zen subtheme.


The solution is<?php print drupal_get_path_alias("node/".$element['#object']->nid); ?>

This will print the URL Alias of the node that the respective field is attached to.

I found that I could get the NID of the node the element was attached to by doing<?php print_r($element['#object']);?>to find all of the available options for<?php $element['#object']?>when I found I could get the NID from that field I then put it inside of<?php drupal_get_path_alias() ?>and have it return the desired text.

It took a day to find it but it works. Hopefully someone else can benefit from this as well.

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