i am using profile2 module, i create some profile types, but in profile section in admin/structure/profiles i can't ordering them,is this profile default or this is only my problem? i means if i add another profile type it just come below of anothers and any feature to ordering them

can i ordering them in form_alter?

function hook_form_alter($form,$form_state){
   change order of theme here ??? how

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Yes, by default profile2 module not cosidered any ordering of it's profile types. if you want to change default ordering of them you have some solution. create a template file for user_profile . Another way is ordering them with form alter in your custom module

function hook_form_alter(&$form,$form_state) {
 if ($form_id == 'user_profile_form') {
     // do this for all your profile types
     $form['profile_yourprofiletype']['#weight'] = 'your optional order';

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