Another developer and I have the same Drupal theme installed. The other developer is the one doing the development work and I'm simply trying to import his updates into my theme so I have the latest and greatest and can see how the work is progressing. I am able to IMPORT his EXPORTED database, however, his MySQL database connection parameters are different in that he's not using a password, and my MySQL database connection parameter INCLUDES a password.

The way I am importing his export, is simply by using PhpMyAdmin, I first DROP all the website's Tables, and then simply IMPORT his EXPORT.

QUESTION IS: Which tables should I NOT Drop, and when he does his EXPORT, which Tables should he NOT Export... so I receive everything I need to get all the updates into my database, but don't have a problem with database connectivity?

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I've actually never heard of database settings being stored in the database. Are you sure you aren't updating your site's settings.php-file as well?

Do you have different database prefixes?

Could it be related to some stale cache?

  • Thanks for prompting me to further probe the files. The problem was a MySQL connection that was coded into the content page. I needed to edit the password directly in the page, that is where the error was occurring. We're doing some testing...
    – LoveYouFyi
    Sep 6, 2012 at 21:30

Backup and Migrate Module could be of help to you.

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