I have a view with some fields wich I theme inside views-view-fields--MYVIEW.tpl.php. I use a phptemplate_preprocess_views_view_unformatted__MYVIEW() to preprocess some $vars before the template to have the template as clean as possible. But I don't know the right way of preprocessing the fields.

I can access the fieldcontent in the template via $fields['MYFIELD']->content. Inside the preprocess function I can't find this explicit content value. All I see is something called last_render but i'm not sure it's ok (the right way) to use/change this value.

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Try to use debug() to see the content of $vars. As far as I know, in views/themes/theme.inc there are many examples of preprocessing functions.


Try dsm($vars). It allows you to see the contents of $vars clearly. Note that you need the Devel module to do this.

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