I need to set up a semi-regular export of people who have signed up on our website. We're using Drupal 7. I can do a simple export of the Users table, but that doesn't include the additional custom fields we've added.

Is there a module already available in D7 that handles exporting the user database with the custom fields associated with these records?

If not, is there a simple query I can do to identify the custom fields associated with the registration process at runtime? I'd like the export to still work if my customer decides to add a new field.

  • How were these custom fields added? I've found the Profile CSV module helpful, though I'm not sure about a D7 status it could be a useful starting point.
    – akalata
    Aug 16, 2011 at 2:09

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I can't think of any contrib module that would do this, but I can think of a somewhat simple custom module solution.

Create a custom module that has a hook_menu call back to a form that you've built with the form api that has a submit button that says "Generate Report".

Make sure to create a corresponding permission with hook_permission so only users of your choice can access this form.

Then in the submit just run a query ( using db_query ) on the users table to get all uid's, then iterate thru each uid to load the full user with user_load and build a CSV row with the fields you want, or all fields. After building the entire csv save it somewhere on the server with a timestamp and link the user to it, or just stream it back to them as a download.


I know that this question has already been answered, but thought I'd point out the Views Data Export module for anyone looking for a contributed solution rather than a bespoke one. This module allows you to define Views that generate CSV files for export. We're using this with Drupal 7 for a client so that they can export all users and their associated custom fields. It's working well.

  • 1
    Views Data Export module has some performance issues because of the way Views handles user entities. If you need anything that scales, this is probably not the way to go.
    – laura
    Jan 30, 2013 at 16:26
  • There is the batched export option which should resolve this issue. Check it inside the "views data export" display options.
    – Druvision
    Apr 3, 2014 at 10:18

Another option to consider for addressing these requirements is the Forena module.

You would use its report writing features (such as its WYSIWYG report writer and/or it's query builder) to first create a report that fits your needs. The result of it could be a tabular output and/or graph. After the report content matches the specifications, you could save it as (e.g.) a CSV file, or XLS, or DOC, or ...

Here is a quote from one of the forena community docu pages, i.e. Reasons for considering Forena:

Reports created by Forena (combined with SVGGraph and mPDF) can be saved (exported) as PDF documents with embedded graphs. Other supported formats for saving a report are CSV, XLS, DOC, HTML, etc.

The Forena Video demos and tutorials contain quite some links to live demos.

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