After reading and searching through related topics, I have not seen any clear answer about how to show the file size in a Views created file list. Im using Drupal 7 and having File 7.14 field installed.

I was expecting to select a field in Views in order to show it as a third column in a list of files that can be downloaded (after Title and File).

I am not a programmer, and the only related issues I've seen so far is about editing php files.

Currently, as administrator, I see the file size when I edit the node containing the file. Why can this value not be used other than in edit mode?

To be complete I've added the query how it is now:

SELECT node.title AS node_title, node.nid AS nid, node.language AS node_language,   file_managed_file_usage.filesize AS file_managed_file_usage_filesize, 'node' AS  field_data_field_file_node_entity_type
{node} node  
LEFT JOIN {file_usage} file_usage ON node.nid = file_usage.id AND file_usage.type = 'node'
LEFT JOIN {file_managed} file_managed_file_usage ON file_usage.fid = file_managed_file_usage.fid
WHERE (((node.status = '1') AND (node.type IN  ('file'))))
ORDER BY node_title ASC  
  • Did you ever get the issue resolved for file sizes on multiple files? I too have that same issue.
    – user20285
    Aug 21, 2013 at 16:32
  • Hi Adrew. No the issue is still there, but I have to admit that after my additional question about that was deleted here, I didn't put much effort in investigation this further. I had to post another questions at drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/45292/… and received one reply from someone that got this working.
    – Herbiek
    Aug 21, 2013 at 21:14

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Try creating a reference to the file.

Under Advanced in your View, and add a relationship (select File Usage: File). If you now go to add a new field in your view, you should see a few more options under File, one of them being File: Size.

  • Thank you for your great explanation which get me to put a third column containing file sizes. However, some of my content types contain 2 files. In the view only the filesize of the first file is shown, not the other ones. Any idea how to fix that?
    – Herbiek
    Sep 13, 2012 at 21:20

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