My vocabulary looks like this

Level 1a

  • Child a
  • Child b
  • Child c

Level 1b

  • Child a
  • Child b
  • Child c

Level 1c

Level 1d

  • Child a
  • Child b
  • Child c

Level 1e

I have managed to display parents and children terms using Taxonomy term: Parent term and filter on (Parent) Taxonomy term: Parent term (not empty). But terms without children on the same level with "parent" are not displayed.

To get the children I used filter “(Parent) Taxonomy term: Parent term (not empty)”. If I set the same filter to “is empty”, I get all level 1 terms including those terms without children just like I want it. So right now it seems like an either-or situation. I can only get the top terms or the children terms but not both.

How do I get the top level terms including those without children and corresponding child terms for those with children?

  • Why have we created view for this? Are we using it as an Expose filter in views? – Nitesh Sethia Apr 21 '16 at 6:17

If you add a filter to parent term = "empty (NULL)" it will display all terms that have no parent above them.

For more detailed steps, try this blog post I wrote: http://fdiv.net/2012/08/11/taxonomy-views-browser-arbitrary-depth


The case seems to be old, but just in case someone bumps into it searching for help. Just try Views Tree module, which provides a display plugin (next to grid, table, list, etc.). You'll be able to show the taxonomy exactly as asked here.


Taxonomy Menu Module can help you with this.

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