For example, when adding/editing a node, if a needed taxonomy term(category) doesn't exist, then for the user with right permission, he/she can then add a new term without leaving the node editing form? The term should be hierarchical not like tags, for example the category of the content.

I believe I saw a module which can handle this type of thing by providing a button to create new taxo


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May be you are looking for Taxonomy Other module ?


I like to use Active Tags for this sort of thing. It has a nice autocomplete function. There will be an option on the Content Type Field form about which behavior it should have when users input a term that doesn't exist (one is to create the term).


add custom link on node form to create taxonomy term and when user create new taxonomy add a destination path of node edit form like www.example.com/taxnomoyterm ?q=node/123/edit

or you can use these modules

Simple hierarchical select

Hierarchical Select

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