I have 2 custom views(block types) 'view_A' and 'view_B', one shows content the other shows orders. I need to cobmine them in a single page displaying in 2 different tables. Really dosen't make sense to bundle events and orders in one table.

I tried creating a page, but I can't select 'block' for the context type. I can only select nodes. What's the best way using the UI in Drupal 7 to do this?


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A simpler way can be:

Current Setup:

  1. View A (show content)
  2. View B (show orders)


  1. Create a new "page display" of the View A and set the path and menu if you have to.

2 a. Then on the view header or footer (depending if you want the View B before or after View A) add a global view area that will show the View B when viewing View A page.

Global View Area

2 b. Select from your existing views the View B

Select View B

2 c. Apply the change to the current display and you are done.

  • When I check off "Global view area" and hit Apply, I get "Changes cannot be made to a locked view." What is this and how can I get around it? Dec 23, 2015 at 18:41
  • That message indicate that the view is lock by other user or session in the edit mode. This usually have a message in top saying to "break" the lock.
    – Emil Orol
    Dec 25, 2015 at 1:41

You could just make a blank page with a custom path (i.e. /my-empty-page) and no content.

Then in the structure>blocks menu assign the blocks to the content region and set them to only show up on the URL for the page you just made?


You can use the Views Field View as well. So you create 2 separate views and then decide which one do you want to place in which region i.e header or footer and based on that add the Global: View (Views field view) from the global section.

The only difference which I know from the above method is this module allows you to pass arguments as well from the parent view and has token integration as well.


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