So I have setup a View as a Block that echoes out three products from Commerce. However I want each of the items to be formatted in this way:

<a class="dhover" href="#">
<div class="col33">
<p class="amount">PRODUCT PRICE</p>
<p class="desc">PRODUCT DESCRIPTION<br><br>Donate Now ></p>

Is it possible to edit the formatting specifically in this way?

Thanks for your time!


You can make the same with semantic views, it let you to choose what hmtl tag wants for every field, and also what class/id you want to use.

also, without programing,

I leave enable the link.

I dont't output the amount.

But in the 3º element, I will rewrite the ouput and add the [amount-token] So you can build the div you need also.

all this without use tpl.

anyway the best option always will be to make make as say the first comment.

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