I want to save locally to the server, a styled version of an image attached to a node. "Styled" as in filtered through a custom image style that I have already configured. What is the correct function, I can't find it anywhere.

I have file_unmanaged_copy() of the original image working fine, I can't see how to retrieve a styled version.


theme_image_style. Imagecache is replaced by image style in Drupal 7. Example:

print theme('image_style',array('style_name' => 'thumbnail', 'path' => 'path/to/image'));
  • I saw this one, and since it returns HTML, and I only wanted the image, I thought it wasn't the right one. If I need to use this and then extract the image from it, I can do that, although that sounds a little inelegant.
    – ezrock
    Sep 15 '12 at 20:07

image_style_url() ended up being the closest match to what I was looking for. It doesn't include the full html markup for the image, so I didn't need to do any additional work to get to it.

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