I have the services module installed, and I have both taxonomy_term and taxonomy_vocabulary checked. However I'm having problems getting just the terms for one vocabulary. when I do curl -g "http://domain.com/endpoint/taxonomy_term?args[0]=machine_name_of_vocabulary" or curl -g "http://domain.com/endpoint/taxonomy_term?args[0]=2"

I get an xml result like this:


which is the terms of all the vocabularies. In other words, I have the argument wrong, or the request wrong, or something else wrong.

How do I configure services and make a request to it to get only one vocabulary?

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I was working on exactly the same thing the other day, the format is like this:


To explain that a bit further...

If you look at the code in _taxonomy_resource_definition() the index resource defines a few arguments:

  • page (int)
  • fields (string)
  • parameters (array)
  • pagesize (int)

The way to pass any of those is:


Since parameters is an array you need to format it as if it was an associative array in the URL, so you use (e.g.) parameters[vid]=2.

It will also work for other parameters, e.g. parameters[name]=TermName.


For Services 3.x on Drupal7, this also works:

curl -i -X POST \
 -H Cookie:SESSabcdefg12345baadbeef=ovQpBase62SessionIdHere_45AUSJ \
 -H X-CSRF-Token:v6j7r9RactujAHY-mYYZa \
 -H Accept:application/json \
 -H content-type:application/json \
 'http://services.example.com/rest/taxonomy_vocabulary/getTree' \
 -d '{ "vid" :"1" }'


Not sure. Not sure why they duplicated the capability. Also not sure why this is a POST. Someone on a drupal board said that it is because retrieving these things is "an action" and "actions" need to be done with POST. It didn't make sense to me. It looks like a query, not an action. But whatever.

But I like the other answer better.

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