So I know you can define how to display a teaser for different content types using if($teaser) in node--content_type.tpl but how can I add logic to render the teaser in different formats depending on the content type of the page in which it is being displayed?

I want to do this


within node--content_type.tpl is there a way to go about this?

For example I have teasers of content type blog. But I want these teasers to display different when they are on a page of content-type:blog, to when they are displayed on a page of content-type:level_3.

Thanks for your time


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Have you tray display suit?

Display suit let you configure how you want to print the teaser and the full content type with a great UI



It is possible. In *node--content_type.tpl* I can get the content type of the page in which the teaser is displayed like so:

$node = menu_get_object($type='node');

I can then use logic to render my teasers in different ways depending on the page's content type:

if($teaser && ($node->type == 'my_content_type')){
    //render in this way

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