I'm using Storm for a bunch of its varying functionality, and figure it thus makes sense to use its Invoice module as the final part of a multi-part project (see previous SO post).

Everything in Storm Invoice seems like it needs to be entered on the fly, all the time. What I need to have happen is for a computed field from another node or a view to provide a price to the Invoice module, autopopulating some fields. Is this at all possible with Storm Invoice?

Addendum: If Storm isn't the best way to create dynamically-generated invoices from node CCK fields, please suggest an alternative.

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    Remember to link to projects like Storm, especially if they're not well known projects like Panels, Views, etc. That'll make it a lot easier to figure out what you're talking about.
    – mikl
    Commented Mar 7, 2011 at 12:46

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I'm not sure but maybe the Computed Field can be used, you can even use it to fill another field.

If you are ready for some custom code (although Computed Field will probably require some code too), you can implement hook_nodeapi() when $op == 'prepare'(or hook_prepare() in Drupal 7). There you can pre-fill new Invoice node (when $node->nid is not set, the node is being created).


It isn't currently possible to auto-fill these fields in Storm Invoice.

If you're still looking to do this (realise this is an old question), then ask over at the issues queue and we can help find a solution.

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