How can I do something like this with Apache Solr in Drupal 7?


This will be the front page of my site, and depending on the language the user chooses, he will be redirected to the language-specific subdomain of my site with the respective search results:

  • en.mysite.com/search/search=type+here&lang=en

  • es.mysite.com/search/search=type+here&lang=es

  • jp.mysite.com/search/search=type+here&lang=jp

Of course, only results with the user's language should be shown.

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The Solr Multilingual module should do what you appear to want.

... provides a way to offer language-specific searches for different languages at once on multilingual websites ...

I'm using the not-yet-released 7x dev version with some success. A registered-user's primary language selection, or override from a drop-down in the site-wide menu sets a $var which I carry through to the Solr search module, language-specific content, and Drupal language overlays for standard markup, etc.

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