I have created a view and added the filter criteria content type. I have chosen two content types. They are both being displayed. I would like then further filter one of the content types so that only those which have had a check box selected will display. Is it possible to do this in views?

Thanks, JP

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This can be done by modifying the Views filter criteria.

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Under Filter Criteria you probably added:

Content Type A
Content type B

Now you can extend this by adding:

Content Type A check-box (is one of: yes or whatever)
Content Type B check-box (is one of: yes or whatever)

Then under Filter Criteria instead of add, click on the arrow and choose "And/Or, Rearrange".

Choose your operator and move the respective fields together.

Then it will look something like this:

Content Type A
Content Type A check-box


Content Type B
Content Type B check-box


When you expose a filter you can select the option "Limit on selected" or something like this, that force the exposed filter to show only selected filter.

  • Thanks for answering Sergiod. Actually, I don't want to have an exposed filter. I'm sorry my question wasn't written more clearly. I want to be able to have one of the two content types being currently displayed to be filter by whether or not I've checked off a box that says archive when creating the node.
    – JIP
    Commented Sep 17, 2012 at 21:37

I had the exact same issue and I've posted an answer to this with a screenshot at Views Filter 2 Content types but with condition on one of them. Please vote it up if it helps you. Thanks.

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