I would like to build a recognition system in the team where peers can recognize the effort of each other. I'm using User Points module.

For example:

  1. UserA recognize the testing effort done by UserB.
  2. UserA login to the recognition system and add 1 point to UserB in "Tester" category.
  3. UserA get 1 point in "Supporter" category since he's recognizing others' effort.

The problem:

  1. How to limit the points to be only +1; not more, not less, negative values shouldn't be allowed, more than 1 is not allowed.
  2. How to automatically add +1 point to UserA who add point to UserB. I tried using Rules module but it always refers to the UserB.

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To solve problem #2:

How to automatically add +1 point to UserA who add point to UserB

In the rule Do section:

  1. First, add action "Load current user account" and set User Id: [:global:user-id]. Name it as "Current user".
  2. Then, in the "Grant points to a user", refer to "Current User" as User argument

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