So I have a content type called MyContentType and two views: mycontents and mycontent/%.

mycontents shows all MyContentTypes with a pager. mycontent/% shows a single MyContentType based on node id.

How do I make it so when clicking on a content's header in mycontents (or any other way of displaying MyContentType) takes it through to mycontent/[nid]?


Use Views 'rewrite output' feature for the Field: Title field on your mycontents view.

First, make sure you have added the Content: NID field to your view. If you don't want this to be visible on your View, you can 'Exclude it from display` as noted in the graphic below.

Exclude from display

You will also need to reorder your views fields to ensure Content:NID is listed before your title so you can access it in the next step.

enter image description here

It's very important to to note that the Content: Nid field is above the Content: Title field.

Next, edit Content: Title and scroll down to and open the 'Rewrite Results' section.

Note: You may need to uncheck the 'Link this field to the original piece of content' checkbox for the Content: Title field.

In the 'Rewrite Results' section, check the box titled 'Output this field as a link.' In this section, if you scroll down, you will see a link titled 'Replacement Patterns.' This is where we will get the variables we need for our URL.

In the 'Link Path' box, enter your destination URL: mycontent/[nid]

enter image description here

Don't forget to save your view, but your titles should now be linked properly.

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  • I think you may just be my favourite person. This worked a treat! Thankyou! – dav_i Sep 18 '12 at 8:20

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