I have a simple form, presenting an "Order this" button. That form is placed on a node. When people press that button, I want to start an ordering-workflow.

Currently the Drupal-way seems to be:

  • Add form to node on node/123,
  • User clicks form-submit, POST goes to node/123.
  • hook_form_submit() gets fired, receives POSTed values trough form API.
  • In that function, the POSTed-data is stored in a Session; then a drupal_goto() sends redirect-header to /shop/checkout, user GETs /shop/checkout.
  • Code building the /shop/checkout page must retrieve information from Session to build the checkout-workflow.

How can I simply send the POST to /shop/checkout and present my HTML there, based on the POST, instead of all the intermediate goto and session-spaggetti?

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The trick is to simply set $form['#action'] to whatever URL you want to POST to.

Like this:

$form = array(
  //..build the FAPI array
$form['#action'] = "shop/checkout";
return $form

In the place where you build the form. And the POST is sent to "shop/checkout".

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