I am looking to create a 3-column home page design for my site that segregates 3 different items of a given taxonomy type (News, Training Alerts, and Advisories) into 3 separate columns. Each column shows not only the taxonomy term, but pulls the content associated with it (e.g. a teaser view of each item marked 'News').

I am not very familiar with Drupal themes, but currently I have been able to accomplish everything I've wanted with my site using the Bartik theme. Are there any ways I can accomplish this using Views and without having to change much about the Bartik theme? Or alternatively, is there a way to just create a table with PHP code that pulls the content associated with each taxonomy type into each column of a 3-column table?

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You can do that easily with your bartik theme. You can use Panels and page manager with views.

It's not easy to use but it's worth it. There is a great screencast series in nodeone.se.

To be short:

  • In views: you'll make a content pane (not a block or page)
  • With panel you can retrieve all the information from this pane and choose your layout and where you want to put all your fields inside it.
  • In your case you can make 3 content pane, each one with a specific taxonomy. After that you'll choose in which columns you'll want to put them.

panel panel


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