I'm trying to set up two contexts for use with a sub-theme of Omega.

3 Column Context: Uses the regions Sidebar First, Content and Sidebar Second. Content is 6 columns wide. The Sidebar regions are each 3 columns wide. This works fine.

2 Column Context Uses "Content Second" (9 cols. wide) and Sidebar Second (3 cols. wide).

Content Second is an additional region added to the info file in the sub-theme. regions[content_2] = Content Second

The problem that I'm having is getting the Edit/View tabs to display in that region, the way they do with region "Content".

I've added region--content_2.tpl.php to my sub-themes folder which seems to be working but when I add:

<?php if ($tabs && !empty($tabs['#primary'])): ?><div class="tabs clearfix"><?php print render($tabs); ?></div><?php endif; ?>

I get a "Notice: Undefined variable: tabs in include() " refering to that code.

Is it possible to get the Edit/View tabs in any region other than "Content"?

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Have a look at the Delta Blocks module which is included in omega. It moves these tabs (and other things like Messages) into blocks.

  • Thanks very much. That is exactly what I was looking for!
    – Paul Egan
    Sep 19, 2012 at 20:22

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