I changed the layout to "One column" with Display Suite on a given content type's "Manage display" tab, which has many (~30) fields. I'm also using Field group module with multiple groups.
After saving, DS has set some group's parent elements to "Disabled". OK, I changed it, I dragged these to the enabled part, and after saving, I got a 500 HTTP-code when going to "Manage display" tab after a long waiting time!

What should I do? Can I simply uninstall Display Suite module? Will it reset the display to my original settings and field orders?

Thank you for any kind of ideas!


Uninstalling the module did NOT solve the problem.... I'm in a real big trouble, because I don't know how to reset the display... Any ideas?

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    What does error log say? Sep 20, 2012 at 18:49
  • @Ivanhoe123: possibly my live server is a piece of s***, because when going to admin/reports/status, I get an exception with this error message: pastebin.com/SZ5qxVHZ, but when testing it on localhost, it works fine. I don't understand, what can be wrong on the live server, if you have any kind of ideas, please share it, thanks. The memory_limit is set to 128 MB on the live server, which I think should be enough.
    – Sk8erPeter
    Sep 21, 2012 at 14:31

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Had the same issue, deleting the rows corresponding to my problamtic content type from the table "field_group" solved it. This way I didn't lose my entire field group settings.

  • Thank you very much! I think this is a much better approach, so I accept your answer instead of mine. :) By the way, I think field_group module's solution for serializing all the data in one field is really ugly, maybe the developers haven't heard of database normalization... :) Anyway, thanks again!
    – Sk8erPeter
    Jan 24, 2013 at 21:01

OK, uninstalling the Field group module solved the problem. It seems like Display Suite and Field group are not in a very good relation with each other... Maybe I'll post an issue related to the problem on drupal.org, because DS should be prepared not to "explode" a field_group, so each groups should stay together, and put to "Disabled" section together, or in no wise.

I think a possible solution until then could be that I create the new layout with Display Suite first, and after that, I create the field_groups, and take care that I don't move parent elements separately to "Disabled" section, because it can cause trouble.


At the beginning of the message you posted is "MySQL server has gone away" which means that MySQL timeout limit was not enough (example: it waited too long for the server to respond).

You can change that the following way (basically you can replace 300 [5 mins] to any higher value you want):

ini_set('mysql.connect_timeout', 300);
ini_set('default_socket_timeout', 300);

This is from here.

Check this article and this thread.

  • thanks, but does it really work in runtime? So if I put this in my index.php's beginning, does it really have an effect?
    – Sk8erPeter
    Sep 21, 2012 at 19:35
  • Yep. You can do either that or change mysql settings directly. Sep 22, 2012 at 12:30
  • OK, thanks, I'll try this out in 10 minutes, and I'll give you a feedback! By the way, the original problem has been solved since then, but maybe this will be a cure for another time (e.g. for the same problem as the one above!).
    – Sk8erPeter
    Sep 22, 2012 at 15:38
  • I tried it, put both of the mentioned lines at the beginning of index.php, but unfortunately nothing has changed: I get the same "2006 MySQL server has gone away: SELECT * FROM {l10n_update_file}; Array ( ) in l10n_update_get_history() (line 428 of /......./drupal/sites/all/modules/l10n_update/l10n_update.module)" exception when going to admin/reports/status. I would rather suspect the ridiculously low max_allowed_packet = 1 048 576 to be the guilty one. Don't you think so? Anyway, I gave you a +1 for your helpfulness.
    – Sk8erPeter
    Sep 22, 2012 at 15:50

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