For my module I want to create a table with an updated_on and created_on field, both of type timestamp.

I found this can be done with mysql_type, but you need to specify a default value for that column or it won't work. So I'm using CURRENT_TIMESTAMP.

However, you cannot use CURRENT_TIMESTAMP for both columns as explained here and Drupal by default does not seem to accept zero date fields, as discussed here.

Is is somehow possible to create a table using hook_schema with two timestamp fields without touching Drupal core? I'm using Drupal 7.

I know Drupal uses unix timestamps for dates, but it feels more natural to me to use the MySQL timestamp field and work with that (although Drupal seems to think otherwise)


I searched around and don't think this is currently possible. In the end I reverted to using the unix timestamps that Drupal by default uses anyway. Instead of the current timestamp, I now just add REQUEST TIME to the db statements.

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