I have a site that use profile 2 to add some field in the user registration page (/user) and via LoginToBoggan I can ask email x 2 and password x 2.

Now I need to insert a little introductive text before profile2 fields, like a phrase that explain why I need to ask that fields to the user.

How can I create it?

  • ZioBudda, I'm building a multi step form in d7, where I'm using the following modules: - login toboggan - profile2 - CAPTCHA It's causing a lot errors and don't seem to want to work together? Were you successful in getting this to work? If so, did you use a particular API module? Would it be possible to send sample code? Much appreciated!!!
    – MoeHac
    Sep 27, 2012 at 13:19

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You can use the markup module to display text. It is available as a field element.

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