I'm working on drupal in Windows environment. Most drupal developers recommend to use Drush. I know it is a very useful command line tool for drupal development.

I downloaded the Drush installer for Windows and have installed it, but I don't know how to use it and how it works together with drupal.

The main problem is that when I launched the drush command line windows and then I was stuck with what I should do next. I'm looking for how can I connect to my local site ( D:\xampp\htdocs\mysite ) via drush and I just want to play around the site.

My site stopped working and got the error from here. I was googling for the error, but no luck.
I think Drush could help me for this.

What is a good start point to study Drush?

Most documentation describe Drush on linux. I'm not familiar with linux, ssh, PowerShell, minsw, msysgit, cygwin etc.
I checked the FAQ and Resources on the site drush.ws Some of videos and screencasts are listed for older versions.
I also found this, but I'm not sure Step by Step is needed when I used Executable Installer. Will the installer make me configured everything for ready-to-use? The installation guide here is too general. I'm not sure I need MsysGit.
This and that mention about Gnuwin32. I chose it to install during setup.

I have no much time to follow all the links and read them all on the internet. I could not even download and steaming large videos because I'm working along with slow connection speed.

Thus, I'm just looking for a short-to-the-point reference or tutorial to configure Drush on Windows 7 and connect to my site, which will save me time.

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    To down-voted guys: This question does not show research effort or is not useful? If not, I will delete this. – Sithu Sep 25 '12 at 5:03
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    I'm not sure why they downvoted but I upvote since this question is useful for other people using this kind of environment. They should explain why they downvoted the question to explain their action. – ninjascorner Sep 25 '12 at 6:24
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    in drush command line do you get results for the drush command? If yes, you have successfully configured drush for windows :) If not check for the installation guide in the link again. – AjitS Sep 25 '12 at 10:24
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    @ninjascorner Absolutely no pressure should be put on people to leave comments when they downvote. Voting is anonymous and that's how it should remain. – Clive Sep 25 '12 at 14:00
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    @Clive: Yes, voting is (should be) anonymous. Down-voting without any comment/reason and without inquiry will not help to others. Thus, stackexhange should add pressure on downvote so that anyone can see/review it on one's profile and revise the question. The answers I got here are very helpful to me and they will also help others who may encounter a situation like me. – Sithu Sep 26 '12 at 2:51

I did not downvote, but the question showed lack of initiative, and was difficult to answer. Your edit helped only a little.

Lack of initiative: You found and installed Drush for Windows, but it was unclear if you looked at the "FAQ" or "Resources" tab on the same site, or read the README that came with Drush. All of these sources give a lot of information on how to get started with Drush.

Hard to answer: Drush on Windows works with Powershell, DOS, Cygwin and Mingw / Msysgit. It is unclear from your question whether you know anything about any of these shells. If you are familiar with Powershell, I would recommend starting with that. If you are completely new to commandline shells, I would recommend installing Mingw or Msysgit and using bash. Find some good books or online introductions to bash. This topic is way too large to easily answer on a Stack Exchange question.

The question you linked to is also very hard to answer. Basically, if you are having trouble like this, it means that you did not copy your site directly. Maybe you are missing some files (did you check the "dot" files?), or maybe you did not get everything from the database. Tracking down the cause of these problems is very difficult; it's better to just copy the site again. If you copy everything completely and clear the cache, it should work. The Drush rsync and sql-sync commands can help here. Note that by default, rsync does not copy your settings.php file, which is often customized on the dev site. Use --include-conf to copy it the first time.

To get better answers, as more specific questions. It is difficult to learn a whole new skill one question at a time on SE; you have to invest a lot of effort to get a basic understanding of the material first.

Edit: I'm sorry this came off sounding a bit harsh; I want to help you get better answers, and did not intend to sound so critical. I can sympathize with your situation; I know that it is hard to know where to start with a new tool. Folks on SE want to help, but it's hard to provide good answers when the topic is so broad. Do your homework and ask specific questions, and you'll get help.

Edit 2: What did you not understand in the Installation guide found on the page? If you just run the installer and follow the prompts, it should work. The "step-by-step guide" you reference is not needed. It is true that you do not "need" msysgit, but it will greatly improve your experience, because the bash shell, which msysgit supplies, is superior to the standard shells in Windows. You should run the Drush Windows installer, run the Msysgit installer, and then find a good tutorial on Bash and read it. Post follow-up questions on a new page; it is not too likely that people will continue to read your edits here for much longer. Also, ask more specific questions; "the installation guide ... is too general" is not an answerable question. If the Windows installer is not working for some reason, you may also post support requests or bug reports to the Drush issue queue.

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