I am trying to create a drupal node with a iphone app via rest server. I want to send the request to drupal as json.

I have added a taxonomy vocabulary for categorizing the nodes. Specifying a category is mandatory when creating node.

My request url is
drupal site/ep/node.json

Post parameters
node[title]=mysample&node[type]=story&node[body]=sample body&node[???]=myCategory1

I specified title, body, and type....but what will be the parameter name to specify the term of my vocabulary (i.e. category name)?

I tried node[taxonomy], node[term], node[vocabulary], but no success. Please help!

Drupal 6.26
REST Server 3.0

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node[taxonomy][vocabulary term id][tid]=vocabulary term id

in place of vocabulary term id give the term id of the vocabulary term

How to get the term id? I made a custom drupal view of type term where I fetch only the fields term id and term

I then sent the view contents to my iphone app. When I choose a particular term I also have the term id.

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