I have installed Privatemsg, and I need to output the "My messages (x)" link programmatically in block.tpl.php.

I tried the following code, but it only prints "My Messages", when I need a counter for the new messages:

print l('My messages', 'messages');

You can use the function privatemsg_title_callback() like this:

print l(privatemsg_title_callback(), 'messages');

And as marcvangend mentioned, Privatemsg already provides a block that informs the user if he has new messages and a block that contains exactly such a link and additionally a link to write a new private message. Why not use one of these instead?

  • I've created individual block for users, to edit their profiles, content etc. I mean, i manually added such links: <?php print l('add blog entry', 'node/add/blog'); ...and so on ?> So i needed to manually create a link to "my messages (x)" – Alexander Kim Jun 1 '11 at 16:00

The module already contains a block that does something similar: "New message indication". You can use that block and alter the output if needed by overriding the theme_privatemsg_new_block() function.


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