I'm using a local_settings.php file, that includes several $conf settings. All of the settings were working as expected until just recently when the mail_system setting started getting overridden somehow.

Now, if I run $ grep mail_system local_settings.php -A2, I get:

$conf['mail_system'] = array(
  'default-system' => 'DevelMailLog',

...yet, the output of $ drush vget mail_system is:

mail_system: Array
    [default-system] => DefaultMailSystem

I've always assumed that whatever was defined in the settings.php (or in this case the local_settings.php) would trump the same variable defined elsewhere. I've checked all the other variables I'm setting inside the $conf variable in the local_settings.php and they're set as they are in the file.

Where else might mail_system be getting set that would override the $conf definition?

  • Are you sure local_settings.php is still being used? Is is included from another file that then define a new value for that Drupal variable? – kiamlaluno Sep 26 '12 at 6:26

Enabling the Devel module fixed the issue. Ultimately, I think the issue is specific to the Mail System module and the unusual way it handles settings and defaults.

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