To export user data into a csv I've setup a view display of type data export succesfully. I've setup a path "admin/people/export" and when visiting it will return a file. The file is a csv file but it's created without the extension .csv.

Is there a way to create this file with this extension?

Thanks in advance

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In the view settings click on Format: CSV File > Settings


In the dialog box that appear, be sure that Provide as file is selected. In the Filename field that appears when that option is selected, leave the default value (%view.csv).


%view, which adds the view machine name to the filename, is only one of the available replacement tokens. As visible in the screenshot, the other ones are:

  • %display
  • %exposed
  • %timestamp-full
  • %timestamp-yy
  • %timestamp-yyyy
  • %timestamp-mm
  • %timestamp-mmm
  • %timestamp-dd
  • %timestamp-ddd
  • %timestamp-hh
  • %timestamp-ii
  • %timestamp-ss

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