I am trying to build a simple website with a blog. The website needs to have, at least, 4 languages and SEO optimization (Title Description Keywords). Please advise me on which modules to use and if there is any how-to tutorials to do so. Are there any pre-made profiles I can use? In the end I would like to create a profile which I will replicate for feature projects.

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For a multilingual Drupal 7 site you could enable the Locale and Content translation modules, they are both included in the Drupal Core.

Also, you might want to check the Internationlization module and the Entity translation module.

Basically you start of by adding languages to your site, you can do this in the administration area (/admin/config/regional/language). After that you can allow content types to be translated (/admin/structure/types). When you add a node you will then be able to choose between the enabled languages.

As for SEO: you could check the Drupal SEO Tools, it has a huge list of modules that you can use.

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