I want to publish some static pages, but when I try they always show the publishing date and author, which makes them look more like a blogs.

I have looked at a way to disable the feature "authoring information" for this page, but the best I can find is how to make it anon, which is not what I want either.

The content types I have on the site are:

  • Article
  • Basic page
  • Blog entry
  • Book page
  • Forum topic
  • Poll

The theme I am using is Bartik 7.15, if that makes any difference.

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You can disable it for each content type, going on admin/structure/types/manage/<content type> (e.g. admin/structure/types/manage/article for the Article content type).

What you are looking for is in the "Display settings" tab visible at the bottom of the settings page.



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