Use the module date-7.x-2.6, to insert a date dd / mm / yyyy in my content type. My problem is that when I view it, would that be translated into Italian for example "22 Settembre 1009" and now appears so: "22 Sep 1009". Thanks!

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On the "Manage Display" page for your content type (under admin/structure/types), you can adjust the format to use to display the date.

To adjust the formats, you can configure the date and time settings (admin/config/regional/date-time).

  • hello, under Administration> Configuration> Regional and language, I have the ability to bind 3 different formats 3 different types of data, but any format I choose the month is always written in English ("September") and not in Italian ("Settembre"). That to me is a problem, but the default language is set to Italian.
    – Antilope
    Sep 29, 2012 at 15:07

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