I have these roles:

  • anonymous user,
  • authenticated user,
  • administrator,
  • members,
  • partners.

In URL Aliases I changed at USER PATHS with this: [user:roles:join-path]/[user:name]

I created 2 views for user: first for members role and second for partners role (the views contain userpicture and username). The link for these users in both roles are :

  • www.example.com/authenticated-user/members/username
  • www.example.com/authenticated-user/partner/username

I know that authenticated user role is default for authenticated users, but it is possible to remove from USER PATH: from „www.example.com/authenticated-user/members/username” to „www.example.com/members/username”?

Thank you.

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You can implement hook_pathauto_alias_alter(), which is invoked from pathauto_create_alias(). The function passes the pattern used from the Pathauto module before the tokens are replaced in $context['pattern']. You probably want to check the pattern contains "[user:roles:join-path]" to avoid "authenticated-user" is removed where the pattern explicitly uses "authenticated-user".

The alternatives would be:

  • Implement hook_tokens_alter() to alter the output of that token, but that would change it in any place the token is used, not only in alias created from the Pathauto module

  • Implement hook_tokens(), and hook_token_info() to implement a token similar to [user:roles] but that doesn't include the string for the authenticated user role

Notice that it is the Pathauto module that handles the :join-path part of the token, in pathauto_tokens().


If Pathauto doesn't let you to specify a single role, I think you should create a little module that makes the same thing of pathauto but add only your favorite roles.

Pathauto has also some api and hooks, try to search there.


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