I work with the OpenID Selector; everything is OK, but nothing happens when I click on "Facebook."

I work with the Drupal for Facebook module; this works fine, but with the OpenID Selector just it's just select the facebook icon.
Another issue is when a user log in to my website and needs to log out; the user is still logged in with the service he used.

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    Hello, Sami Ghname; welcome on Drupal Answers. What you report seems a bug of the module; if that is the case, then you should report it in the issue queue for the module. Drupal Answers doesn't replace any project issue queue, and the correct place to report a bug is Drupal.org. – kiamlaluno Jun 2 '11 at 12:01
  • It's not then clear to me what you mean with "but with the OpenID Selector just it's just select the facebook icon." – kiamlaluno Jun 2 '11 at 12:08
  • I mean when need to log in with the Facebook i click on the Facebook icon but nothing happen just it's select this icon and still on the same page. Thanks for your reply. i report this bug on the module but not any one ask me and another user have the same bug this link for the bug page drupal.org/node/1025038 – Sami Ghname Jun 5 '11 at 8:10

From the libraries/openid-selector/README.txt:

  1. how to plug-in facebook provider
    put the following code in providers_large or providers_small:
facebook = {
     name: 'Facebook',
     url: "javascript:facebook_click();"

where facebook_click is something like:

function facebook_click() {
      $('#<id of html fbconnect element>').click();

the same mechanism also applies if you want to plug-in any oauth or xauth provider

So that is what the README says. I specifically had to do the following I'm using Drupal7.8 with openid-selector module 7.x-3.x (2011 May 07):

In modules/openid_selector/openid_selector_fb.js: Replace the chunks that look like similar with the ones Ive posted.

providers_large.facebook = {
  name: 'Facebook',
  url: "javascript: $('.fb_button').click();"

and again for this chunk

Drupal.behaviors.openid_selector_fb = { attach: function (context) {
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I would suggest you to make use of the facebook Like button source code. http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like/ use this link to get the source code and put them in your template file. I am not sure it may help you or not, but still this method fixed my problem once.

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