I have two vocabularies that require two different taxonomy view pages. For example, I have vertebrates with terms fish, cats and snakes and invertebrates with sea cucumbers, spiders and snails. I would like to create a different view for each. Can I configure Path Auto to create separate URLs passing the vocabulary term ID as an argument? If so then how do I change the link of the Term found in the Term Reference field of the node view to point to these pages? I'm thinking about installing the Taxonomy Views Integrator but would rather leave out an extra module if it's just a matter of configuring a Views argument correctly.

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The Taxonomy Views Switcher does the trick. It does something clever. If the default view page path is 'taxonomy/term/%' it will walk through the paths of the. If the vid of the term is 3 it will associate the term with the view that has vid/3 in the path and will when taxonomy/term/% is called pass it -- the second view -- the argument of the term ID. Since this is a separate view it can have any field, sort, filter or display plugin.

Now I need to trigger contexts based on views that are triggered.

  • Were you able to find out more about this? Did taxonomy Views switcher meet your needs? I m having the same issue currently and I too would prefer to configure views differently or use a PHP snippet to avoid another module.
    – blue928
    Apr 5, 2012 at 1:39

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