I want to attach an image gallery to a node, showing the images in a carousel view so that only a few thumbnails are shown and clicking on them opens a ColorBox overlay.

I have a gallery content type that contains all images in a field, and in an article the gallery is referenced using an entity reference field.

I found the Gallery Formatter module which does nearly want I want. But I don't want to display the large image on the page, only the carousel showing thumbnails. To get the full size image one should click on one of the thumbnails.

So I need a field formatter that can display the contents of an image field as a carousel. Any ideas on how I can achieve this?

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Check out Adding a jQuery Image Carousel to your Node View.

Though the above article is for Drupal 6, you can follow this like below:

  • As the gallery is referenced in the "Article" content type, you can modify the template file for that content type, and fetch the gallery images.
  • After that, you can display that in carousel.

The other way is using a theme preprocess function.

function YOURTHEME_preprocess_node(&$variables) {
  // Your code.

I had the same problem recently, the best solution i think is to use this module Field Slideshow. Read about it, what you need is to install this module, then u need to create two image styles for thumbnails and for image. In your content type in Manage Display settings u can configure your carousel. Also u need to install this modules

Libraries API,
Jquery Cycle plugin, JCarousel

you can read about this module here


You can achieve this with the Lightbox2 module. Check out the Grouped images example.

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