What I have is a view that shows couple of nodes of type "product", they are related by an SKU ID.

What I'm trying to achieve is a way to switch between those related product produced by the view without refreshing the page.

Checking "Use Ajax" in my view did not achieve what I want.


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i have developed module ajax_links_api which help you to load any drupal page to a specified div with help of JQuery Ajax.

in your tpl =>

    <?php  l_ajax($title, $path, $target)  ?>

$title: Title.

$path : Drupal path.

$target (optional): ID or CLASS of DIV to be replaced. Default value is .region-content, you can change default value in admin page 'admin/settings/ajax_links_api'

Example :

<?php l_ajax("Load node 1", "node/1", ".region-content") ?>

Hope you can use this for this case

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