I currently have this in template.php to remove the 'username's blog' link from blog entries.

function phptemplate_links($links, $attributes = array()) {
    return theme_links($links, $attributes);

How would I go about using unset to remove the 'username's blog' link from the search results page?

  • On my site 'username's blog' isn't in search results. - Also I would be wary of any answers recommending you unset or hide the search result info, because that info contains a number of different things and you probably don't want to get rid of it all.
    – rooby
    Apr 22, 2013 at 13:24

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Consider using Display Suite module.

To make changes to search results for article content type, Goto admin/structure/types/manage/article/display and enable the search result custom display.

Then visit admin/structure/types/manage/article/display/search_result and add or remove the fields as per your requirement.

  • How are you able to remove the 'username's blog' link from the search results page? Don't see an option to do that in the way you're describing.
    – Rob Orr
    Jan 7, 2016 at 17:48

one simple way without any change in template files.. Just add following code in your css.

.search-info {
display: none;

It done all the tricks..

Hope this will help you.


You can implement using ThemeName_preprocess_search_result() function. Just Refer this link from Drupal.org: http://drupal.org/node/1101554#comment-5345554

    * Process variables for search-result.tpl.php.
    * @see search-result.tpl.php
    function YOUR_THEME_NAME_preprocess_search_result(&$variables) {
      // Remove user name and modification date from search results
      $variables['info'] = '';

Another solution is that you can override the search-result.tpl.php file in your theme folder. Just remove following snippet from the file:

<?php if ($info): ?>
      <p class="search-info"><?php print $info; ?></p>
    <?php endif; ?>
  • This broke the drupal site and stopped it loading :/ Oct 3, 2012 at 10:48
  • check the edit of the answer Oct 3, 2012 at 11:07
  • Hey, I had already done this to remove the authors name and publishing date for entries but it doesn't remove the user blog URL Oct 3, 2012 at 11:30
  • so do you want to hide xyz's blog xx reads information form search results ? xyz: user name xx: number of reads and various other attributes Oct 3, 2012 at 11:37
  • I think it is coming $info_split variable, when i did var_dump($info_split) then it showed me lots of attributes. You can unset some of these variables. Just see the comments of search-result.tpl.php Oct 3, 2012 at 12:16

You can find search-result.tpl.php file in your drupal instance folder modules/search. You need to edit that file to hide the author and date details.

Place this part of code in HTML comments tag.

<?php if ($info): ?>
      <p class="search-info"><?php print $info; ?></p>
      <?php endif; ?>

Now, reload the page. In that way you can remove author details.

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