I have two content types, courses and tutors. Tutors contains a biography and a large photo

Courses contains lots of other information but more importantly contains a tutor field which is a entity reference field type. It creates a dropdown list containing all tutors.

The problem I have is that when I create a new course page and select a tutor from the dropdown list, it displays the full biography and large photo.

What I want it to display is the first say 100 characters of the biography and a cropped version of the tutor photo (I have set up a image style which crops the photo to 100px)

I’m guessing there may be 2 ways of doing this. 1) Customising a teaser 2) Creating a view but I’m not sure how you reference it and how you would get the view to just show the selected tutor (from the dropdown list above)

I am using Drupal 7

Any advice much appreciated.

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Sounds like you know what your doing. Like you say either create a 'view mode' in your content type or create a view. All you have to do with the view is create a relationship (under 'relationships' in the advanced section) to get your entity reference and set a filter for the tutor.

Tried to find something similar to your issue, hope it helps. How to use Entity Reference and Views

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    Hi Alex, thanks for your reply. I'm still struggling with this. I added two entity references 1 - A bridge to the Content entity that is referenced via field_tutor and another 2 - A bridge to the Content entity that is referencing Content via field_tutor and applied them to displays. I saved the view. I then went to the course tutor field and clicked on entity reference. I select "views filter by an entity reference view" under mode and it says No eligible views were found. I also tried adding the relationship to the filters as per your link but that didn't work and actually returned nothing Oct 5, 2012 at 14:56

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