I'm using rules module in my site (drupal 7), i want to create a small form to the user to change his password without going to (account editing page).

This form contain 3 textbox (old passowrd, new password, confirm new password).

Can i make this form using rules?
or is there another module can help me with that?
Thanks a lot.


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The best way would be to make a custom page using hook_menu(), and have a submit function on that page that would check the user's authentication, and if it was correct, change the current password.

If you need a bit more information on that, I'm happy to help.


Rules won't help you build a user interface, however the password_policy module provides a dedicated user profile tab for changing password and may be of interest.

...a password tab available to users instead of the usual user/#/edit screen for password changes.

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