I would like to setup a flexible system using the coupon module. I would like to add a term reference field to the coupon entity that refers to a product category/taxonomy.

Now my client can create a coupon and designate "10% off all Baby Shoes" where Baby Shoes is a taxonomy term set on each product display that contains baby shoe SKUs.

On coupon redemption, only products whose product displays are in the Baby Shoes category receive a discount.

Has anyone set something like this up before and would care to share the detail on how they did i

  • Sounds like a good idea for a new module. But I would rather add the tags to the product than to the product display.
    – Pere
    Feb 18, 2013 at 7:50

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Here is a similar module that allows you to add products directly to the coupon via an entity reference field : Commerce Coupon by product reference.

Unfortunately Coupon module does not support this by default, however you can either wait for the next version which is suppose to be much more flexible, or follow the instructions in README.txt to install this sandbox module, which is like coupon by product reference, but uses terms.

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