I run a Drupal 7 site with 4 languages installed: English (for me as admin) and 3 balkan languages (I don't speak them actually): Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian.

I have added a book there (url shortcut should be: help) and have added 3 book pages: Imprint (in German, url shortcut imprint), Privacy and Terms of Services (both pages have English content and url shortcuts privacy and tos).

All 3 book pages should be visible in all languages - i.e. in English, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian.

However for some reason they are only visible in the Croatian view of my web site and also only /hr/shortcuts work.

And when I look at http://balkan-preferans.de/en/node/1#overlay=en/admin/content they have Croatian as language:

enter image description here

Can I somehow change the language to be All?


Ok, found that setting under

Home » Administration » Configuration » Search and metadata » URL aliases

enter image description here

Or go to Modules and configure Path module settings

Setting the language to All languages has solved my problem

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