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Drupal 7 views contextual filters taxonomy name

I'm using Drupal 7, and what I want is to have my views use a contextual filter, so that if a view is located at mydrupalsite.com/myview I want to be able to go to mydrupalsite.com/myview/topicname and have the view use the topicname to filter the content. Topicname in this case is a taxonomy item.

I've followed some tutorials and looked at articles about how to create contextual filters. But the problem I have is that right now the contextual filter does not pick up the topicname in the URL. The filter does work if I provide the ID number of the taxonomy item, so mydrupalsite.com/myview/93 will work (if 93 is the ID number of the taxonomy item).

How can I get the view to work so that the contextual filter reads the topicname?


  • Ah yes, thank you pointing me to that. That solution worked!
    – user10553
    Oct 9, 2012 at 18:11


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