I have Menu Block installed to provide some contextual menus for certain areas of a site. These generally work great. But I have a few pages where I'm adding a Views generated block to the bottom of the page, and on these pages the menu block seems to ignore the fact that these pages exist in the menu system and will not show anything.

If you have experienced this before and have a solution that's fantastic. Otherwise I'm hoping for some pointers as to where to look around for potential issues?

Update 1 - Seems to be related to the View block using the row style 'node', vs. using 'fields'. If I change it from node to fields, then menu_block works as expected, otherwise menu_block disappears.

Update 2 - Ended up just converting all offending Views elements to the field row style in order to continue on. So that worked around the problem, be curious if anyone else ever encounters the issue though.

  • experiencing the same in drupal 7 .. changing to fields let's the menu show up again ... – rémy Mar 23 '14 at 18:15

Well, it's an old question but I'll post what worked for me in D7 (since my views were already 'fields' as the OPs, but that didn't solve my problem).

I used the menu position module, and set rules for the content types that were being displayed via Views, I set their parent menu item and that's it. This makes the menu block treat any page with views as a normal page, and the menu block finally appeared correctly configured.

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