I'm trying to create feature modules for as much as possible, such as

  • my backup schedule (for the Backup & Migrate module)
  • my shortcut sets
  • etc. etc.

and I'm surprised how much can't be exported with Features. Is there some way to do this? Either with an alternative module, or with something that extends Features, or by hand-coding the feature module, or by dumping just a specific table from the database???


For some of the configs/settings that aren't picked up by the Features module, use the Strongarm module. Strongarm gives site builders a way to override the default variable values that Drupal core and contributed modules ship with. It is not an end user tool, but a developer and site builder tool which provides an API and a limited UI.

That being said, the Backup and Migrate module is not yet compatible with Features, nor strongarm. See Issue: #1001654: Make backup profiles and schedules Features exportable

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  • <venting>aarrggh!</venting> Okay, thanks for the info. – iconoclast Oct 10 '12 at 1:57
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    I'm afraid you are discovering some of the biggest pain points in Drupal. Looking forward to the CMI Initiative in Drupal 8 though :) groups.drupal.org/build-systems-change-management/cmi – user842 Oct 10 '12 at 2:29
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    Yes! What Drupal needs, instead of a way to export code, which just gets reimported into the database, is a way to keep its configurations in the form of code and cut the database out of the loop. It needs to stop catering so much to people who are afraid of a text editor. Sure the web GUI could still be used for beginners, but the output should be code which could easily be edited separately and kept in a Git repo, and versioned, and so forth. Everything being in the database is going to drive me to the asylum! – iconoclast Oct 10 '12 at 6:09

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