I'm currently trying to setup a picture gallery with Drupal 7. The Gallery Module is set up and works, but needs pictures added to an ImageField.

Because i have thousands of pictures to add, i dont want to add each one individually. The best solution for me would be uploading them via FTP and then adding the whole folder into the ImageField. I found a script (http://drupal.org/node/1266646) which would do this for me, but it's for Drupal 6 and not working anymore.

I also tried IMCE with FileField Sources, but I can't add Files I Uploaded via FTP that way (they simply don't show in IMCE?).


Use the IMCE for FileField module instead. It allows users to select files from IMCE File Browser. It supports FTP uploaded files by automatically registering them as IMCE files thus making them usable in a FileField. It's simple to install and I can confirm that it works like a hot damn. :)

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