I am attempting to setup an article voting system with the ability to provide feedback to the author. Only admins will be able to see feedback so I do not want it like a review attached at the bottom of each article. My idea was to create a view that only admins had permission to see. Include in this view would be the article name, rating, and feedback if any was submitted. I would like to be able to group the feedback/ratings by article instead of by entry or user and provide an overall calculated rating for the article.

It looks like fivestar is able to do some of this however I do not believe the advanced instructions:"Configuration as a CCK field / Advanced Rating" are for drupal 7. I have created a content type of "Article Feedback" and attempted to follow this answer of how to set something similar up however I do not see anywhere when I create the rating field a "voting target". I do not really understand how Node Reference works and how it will work with the desired result I stated at the beginning of this question.

I am open to using different modules and writing my own PHP script to accomplish this task. Any direction on how to accomplish this is much appreciated.

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I ended up using the built in drupal comment system as the feedback and just hid the comments from everyone but admins. I used fivestar for the star rating system attached to comments.

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