I wrote a module that comes with a default_view (a block view). The corresponding block is not automatically listed inside the blocks db-table, even after a cache clearing, but it is shown after I visit admin/build/block. My problem is that I have a hook_update_N(), which is going to update the blocks table (the configuration of this specific block); if it's not there, it can't be updated.

When I use _block_rehash('MYTHEME') the table is updated, not only for MYTHEME (ZEN-subtheme) but also for the Minelli theme. Is there another way of "updating" the blocks-table? What exactly is going on, when admin/build/block is visited?

Edit: I just noticed that Pro Drupal Devel (2. Ed.) states, at page 218, to use a Insert INTO query and do it "by hand." I think thats what I'm going to do now.

Use INSERT INTO. I've spent hours and hours using block_rehash and variants to no effect.

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