I need to add rel=canonical meta tags to some views. There are a couple of sandbox modules for the metatag module but I'm looking for a more simple solution.

Couldn't I just use views_php and drupal_add_html_head()?

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Try the Context Metadata module. It can add metadata to node and non-node pages. The following metadata tags can be set according to a context: Title, Description, Keywords and Canonical URL.


If you want to add meta tags to a view without adding or writing a module, you could just do this. Add a block with the following PHP code and set the block visibility that view only.

$element = array(
  '#tag' => 'meta', // The #tag is the html tag - <link />
  '#attributes' => array( // Set up an array of attributes inside the tag
    'name' => 'description', 
    'content' => 'Your view description.',
drupal_add_html_head($element, 'yourviewname_meta_desc');

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