I have just upgraded to core 7.15 and updated all my modules at the same time. When I now try and run the an import using commerce feeds I receive the error below.

    An AJAX HTTP error occurred. 
    HTTP Result Code: 200 Debugging information follows. 
    Path: /batch?id=892&op=do 
    StatusText: OK 
    ResponseText: Fatal error: 
Call to undefined function commerce_product_validate_sku() in /home/mmlcofdk/public_html/sites/all/modules/commerce_feeds/plugins/FeedsCommerceProductProcessor.inc on line 216

I would really appreciate some advice on how I could go about debugging this...

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I have the same problem. I think that is because I am using a old version Drupal Commerce and it is incompatible the newer version of Feeds module that i am using.

but I manage to get it work by paste in this function:

function commerce_product_validate_sku($sku) {
  // Do not allow commas in a SKU.
  if (strpos($sku, ',')) {
    return FALSE;

  return TRUE;

into the file "commerce_prouduct.module" located in:


I found that function in:


Hope that help!

Apollo Tang

  • It hasn't made any difference for me. I am still getting the same error. But I am not using the Commerce Quick Start installation, so I applied the fix in /public_html/sites/all/modules/commerce/modules/product/commerce_product.module Oct 21, 2012 at 20:02
  • Oops. Looks like I lied. It does seem to have fixed things. Thanks so much! Must have been the cache? Oct 22, 2012 at 17:25

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